Sunday, April 6, 2008

Baby Expo-16weeks4days

Yesterday, Damon and I visited the American Faire Baby Expo with our friends over at Baby's Family who are expecting a month before we are! It was great to get together with them to talk all about our pregnancies and cath up.

At the Baby Expo Damon and I had the opportunity to see baby products that we may not have considered otherwise. As third time parents we pretty much knew what we wanted and what would work best for our needs, but things seemed to have changed within that last 3 years since Cam was born, so we had a lot of new things to look at. During our visit to the Baby Expo, we found a great travel system by Chicco that is very well-made and easy to use...

We also decided on some brand new bottles that reduce colic as well as ear infections.

I am so excited to begin shooping for this baby, but I refuse to buy anything until I know the gender. After I leave my ultrasound visit on April 22nd I'm going to go baby shopping crazy!


Baby's family said...

It was a lot of fun . . . it is so hard not to go baby crazy isn't it? I cannot wait until you know either.

Lil Suga & Lil Man said...

Buying gender specific items is way more fun than getting green and yellow stuff. Truse me, we know.