Thursday, May 29, 2008

My new addiciton- 24 weeks

I am now a couple days into my 24th week and I'm having trouble with my diet. I just can't stop eating all the things I've been told not to, although I have cut out grits with cheese and butter altogether. My new addiction is Culver's Frozen Custard. It is soooooooooooooooo good and I always order it with strawberries and chocolate sauce, but I do limit myself to only one scoop.

On the health front I'm still battling the constant nausea, but the pills are keeping it at a bearable level. I've also been feeling a lot of dizziness and hope that it will pass soon.

For the past week DJ has been working on his final project for Kindergarten- an animal research project. This is right up his alley because he is turning out to be more obsessed with Animal Planet and National Geographic than I am with General Hospital. His options were to create a poster board, diorama, or another similarly boring display. Here's what DJ did.

We are also happy to announce that we have found a new preschool/daycare for Cameron and the baby when she's born. Cam will start in August so we have the entire summer to hang out as a family and save money!


Baby's family said...

Go ahead DJ! Wow, what a project. Don't worry about the ice cream, you can worry about it once she is born. We will set up a plan together. We have an appointment with your childcare next Wednesday!

AuntieDiaab said...

DJ rocks!!!!! I am NOT sure what I love more....spending time with the nephews....or their accomplishments.

My smile was sooooo big listening to DJ.

I am sooo excited that we will see you guys very soon!!!!