Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Unexpected Dr. Visit- 32 weeks

Today was my regular 2 week check up. I expected to be in and out, but that wasn't the case. After I informed the doctor that I had been getting sick again he checked my weight (which hadn't changed much), asked me 1 billion and 1 questions, and then listened to the baby's heartbeat. After all that, he informed me that I was going to have some blood drawn, and then have a non-stress test. Being that I have bad veins and was slightly dehydrated the nurse had to poke me several times to get the blood.

During the non-stress test the baby seemed to be asleep, and even after drinking a can of ice cold orange juice didn't move much. The doctor came in and said the baby was non-reactive and an immediate ultrasound would have to be done to check for movement. I am happy to say that the baby passed the ultrasound. We saw her move around a bit and swallow amniotic fluid. Her lungs were moving and she's head down (2 weeks ago she was transverse). So far everything is looking good, but the doctor still refuses to induce me until 38-39 weeks! :( I'm going back next week for another check up and possibly another NST.

As far as things on the home front I really thought I was done with the nursery, but the longer I'm home, the more projects I create for myself. Damon and I added shelves to the closet, removed the doors and added a curtain. We also put together the two bouncers we received as gifts. I think I'm finally done...

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Lil Suga & Lil Man said...

NST can be scary, I remember having one with Lil Suga, glad to hear all is well with the little princess. Its a good idea to put together toys before baby arrive. Both of those rockers look fab. Lil Suga has a toddler one and she still loves to sit in it and watch tv.