Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Birth

Well, since they are holding Evan and I hostage in the hospital until she's checked over one last time by the pediatrician I decided to update the blog with the story of how she arrived. As most of you who have been keeping up with things know, I had been contracting pretty regularly for the past week prior to Evan's arrival.

On Friday my doctor informed me that while he had scheduled an induction for the 29th, there was no way that I was going to make it until then. He was right! On Saturday morning I woke up with strong contractions and decided it was time to head to the hospital. It took a few hours for the doctor to declare that I was in active labor and when he did, that is when the torture began.

I was dehydrated and they couldn't get an IV in me. This wouldn't have been that big a deal, but earlier in the week I tested GBS positive and needed antibiotics before the baby was born. They stuck me about a million and one times and still couldn't find a vein. Then the anesthesiologist said that she needed to run a central line in my neck! Right next to my jugular! Well needless to say that it didn't work, I am now traumatized, and her attempts hurt worse than ANY other pain I've had in my entire life! After all that drama, I took a hot shower and the nice nurse found a vein in my knuckle and ran an iv.

After the medicine they had to wait a few hours to break my water, but once they did things really moved along. I got my epidural, even though the pain wasn't that bad and 1 hour and two pushes later Evan entered the world five weeks early!


Lil Suga + Lil Man said...

you poor thing!! Well she is here now and I am sure it was all worth it.

Maryam Diaab said...

It was worth it, but she made me pay to get her here! :)