Wednesday, September 17, 2008

1 month old!

Can you believe that Evan is already 1 month old? Time is flying by so fast and she's getting so big! Now she's filling out all her newborn outfits and will probably be in 0-3 month clothes soon.

Here are her stats from this mornings doctors visit.

Weight: 7lbs. 4oz. (that's a gain of two pounds since her last visit)

Height: 19 3/4 inches

Head Circumference: 34cm.

The doc was amazed and pleased at how much weight she's been able to gain and said that she is doing remarkably well!

After some searching I found Cam's first picture. Look how much he and Evan look alike...


Lil Suga + Lil Man said...

I do agree she looks like Cam and they both look like you. She is so darn cute and I just can't get over all that hair.

Baby's family said...

Definitely a resemblance to Cameron! She looks cuter each day! And her hair keeps growing . . .