Thursday, October 2, 2008

Talk about boring !!!!

Hello world, I'm Dad. I'm currently at work for a team planning day, and boy this is boring. I've been sitting here for the last 30 minutes listening to individuals get a lesson on how to use a wiki in class. While I think technology is great, I can't stand to waste my time while others learn basic stuff. Any way I just thought I would comment for once. Oh, by the way Cameron had a great morning and is loving his new school. It will be great to see how he takes it when his little sis starts. Anyway, my team is calling me.... message received. I've got to go, hopefully my wife is obeying all local traffic laws. I love that speed demon, she kinda like Danika Patrick... but not. Way Hotter.

Dad... at work !!!!!

1 comment:

Maryam Diaab said...

I DID obeyed all traffic laws...thank you very much!