Tuesday, December 23, 2008

4 years and 4 months

Yesterday both Cameron and Evan had check-ups at the doctor complete with shots! I have a few facts about each.
Weight: 41lbs. Height. 41in. Cameron loves to watch his big brother play video games, working with his hands and completing puzzles. His favorite website is Starfall and he loves to rhyme words and dance. Cameron lost another tooth prematurely yesterday, but all is well.

Weight: 12lbs. 14oz. which is very surprising to me. I thought she was at least 15lbs. I mean look at those chubby cheeks and she's got rolls of fat for days! Length: 24.5 in. Evan loves to lay on her tummy, watch her brothers, and chew on her hands. A few days ago we got an Exersaucer and she loves it! It's helping her grab and batting reflex and allowing her to "play" with her big brothers.


casselle said...

Those lips on Evan are to die for!

Baby's family said...

How time flies! 4 and 4 months and don't they look just alike!