Friday, December 4, 2009

Cameron's new past time

In an effort to give Cameron something that he enjoys, we enrolled him in gymnastics. He expressed interest after some students from the gym came to our school to put on a performance during morning assembly. Last Friday was his first day, and he did...well, he did ok. He didn't follow directions a couple of times, and got into a mini-fight with one of the other boys in his class but other than that it went well. This week's class was amazing! Cameron followed all the directions of his coach (until the ornament making activity), and had a great time. He had the chance to work on the rings, bars, practice back flips, cartwheels, and front flips on the trampoline.

In other news, we have decided to put Cameron through the child study process. We are still having major school and home behavior issues, and are pretty much at a loss. Both Damon and I don't really think that his actions are "normal" 5 year old things, so it's time to call in the experts. We've also scheduled an appointment with his pediatrician to discuss ADHD or an emotional impairment. STRESSFUL!!!

The SPED teacher and the school social worker recommended some booksd that may help us understand and deal with Cam a little better, The Explosive Child and Your Defiant Child


casselle said...

Oh I happy to hear things are going well with his new interest but sad to hear about the behavior issues and the stress of dealing with them. It must also be hard for him as a middle child and following in DJ's footsteps. I am sure you two will figure it out, you are starting early and you are committed parents. good luck and keep us posted on what works and what doesn't.

Baby's family said...

Keep your heads up! It will all work out and you all will work through it. I will email you some things as well.

Anonymous said...
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