Saturday, January 30, 2010

These past two weeks...

I think these past two weeks have been our most difficult as parents. Cameron has been suspended until Wednesday (AGAIN), and we're pretty much over it. After talking to Cameron about his behavior, we learned that students are picking with him, calling him "weirdo", and just making his first year of school a living hell.

So, I can tentatively cross number #29- Find the Perfect School for Cameron, off THE LIST! We've decided to pull him out of school and this Friday we found what we think may be the perfect place. On Monday he begins at a Montessori school. Montessori believes in freedom with limits and that's exactly what he needs. He's not the type of kid to do well in environments where he's forced to do things, so he kept getting in trouble for not working in a group or sitting on the carpet with his class, even though he already knew all the concepts they were going over.

At the new school, Cam can walk around, get out of his seat and sit on the floor ALONE, and they have a peace room where kids who have extra energy can use a sit and spin, or jump on a trampoline before going back to class! He can even wear house shoes all day long and EVERYTHING is hands on. After touring the school he immediately said he wanted to go there...this from the kid who tells us everyday that he hates school.

The same day he was suspended we ironically went to our first therapist appointment. This one was just for the parents where we talked about our concerns and what we want to see for him. Before we could even mention looking at other schools for Cam, the therapist suggested it, because his issues may be environmental. I guess we'll find out soon enough.

Here's a video of a Montessori classroom.

I also added #31 to the list- invest in timeless family photos of the children.


Baby's family said...

I think that he has the potential to thrive in that environment. I love montessori. Is it the one near our house? It sure is hard being a parent isn't it? You all are doing great and it will work out for the best.

sister said...

Good for you guys, keep trying till something works for him...and something will.