Friday, June 11, 2010

Autism Speaks

Well, we decided to get a full battery of testing done on Cameron. We just weren't satisfied with the hasty diagnosis the outside psychologist gave us, so we asked the school to retest. He got IQ, Autism, and Speech evaluations, and this Monday his IEP meeting was held. We found that Cam has a very high functioning form of Autism and a pragmatic speech disorder. Basically, he's socially awkward, and doesn't know how to behave or engage in conversation is social situations. This diagnosis is spot on and we're so happy that we finally know what's REALLY going on with him, and have an action plan to deal with his special needs. He now has an active IEP the outlines his hours for resource services (push-in or pull-out), social work, and speech. He's going to be very busy. The new Louisiana school will have 30 days to hold another IEP meeting to discuss and revise the current IEP, and then he'll get started! We're hoping to get one to one or VERY small group modifications put into his IEP, because he really needs someone standing over him to get his work done.

The positive side is that his IQ scores came back great! He scored above average (superior intelligence) in performance based tasks and mathematics!

On the home front we are packing up and getting ready to get out of MI. Only 17 more days to go.

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The Lils said...

I am very happy to hear that things are progessing with things.