Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011 {THE LIST}

It's a new year and I'm that much closer to 35! So, as we ring in 2011 I think it's only appropriate to do a little year in review and update everyone on my 35 before 35 progress.

2010 was a fantastic year for our family. We were afforded the opportunity to better our lives through new jobs and a new state of residence. While we do miss our family and friends back home we LOVE our new life in Louisiana and are excited about what's to come.

The kids are growing well and are achieving things we never thought possible. Although 2010 began REALLY rocky for Cam, the end shaped up to be pretty promising. He now has an additional ADHD diagnosis which we're managing through diet (lots of organic and no red dye 40) and 5mg of Focalin.

This January the boys will begin Basketball and we'll be taking lots of pictures.

We're also planning a 2 week long visit back home this summer (maybe around my birthday), and plan on buying a home down here in the country as well. The house hunt begins (in earnest) this Feb/March and we can't wait! We know what we're looking for, just hope out pocketbooks agree with our dreams.

Hope you all have a happy and prosperous 2011!

35 before 35

1. own my own home (again)

2. spend my anniversary on a beach

3. finish my masters degree (DONE DONE DONE DONE!!!!!)

4. get THE SHELF

5. put THE SHELF in an office of my own

6. relocate to the South

7. decorate my living room

8. have a real dinner party

9. learn to French braid (Still room for improvement on this one ;)

10. make Thanksgiving dinner (Wasn't Thanksgiving, but I did make Damon a "Christmas" dinner, so I think this counts)

11. finish that third novel

12. take my kids to Disney World

13. go out on New Years Eve

14. celebrate homecoming at TSU

15. “Would Ya Like it” in the rain

16. Have date night once a week

17. Visit Washington DC

18. have a picnic with wine and cheese

19. wear red lipstick

20. go Up North

21. grow a plant

22. make a cake for a loved one’s birthday

23. restore a piece of furniture

24. attend a Broadway play (does not have to be in NY, although that’s a bonus)

25. get rid of all unnecessary debt

26. eat healthier

27. answer the question, “What’s wrong?” honestly, the first time.

28. institute a new family tradition

29. take a cooking class

30. Find the perfect school for Cameron

31. Learn to let go

32. Invest in great pics of the kids

33. Learn a new language

34. Renew my wedding vows



The Lils said...

Good luck achieving your list. Looks like you already have a good start.

Trying to be a better person today than I was yesterday. said...

OMG! I thought you were never going to blog again! lol... :)

Let me know when you come home and I will try to make it back too. We can't go to Mardi Gras cause we have to go to B's sister's graduation.

Anonymous said...

I love your list! Mr. A and I will sit down this week to write our 2011 list!