Sunday, February 6, 2011

and the search continues...

Each Sunday, Damon and I load up the kids and head out to search for our next home. Today, we headed back out to a neighborhood we REALLY like (it has sidewalks) and took a sneak peak at a home currently being built.

Currently, it's a full-on construction zone, and someone already owns the one we looked at today. But they're laying the foundation for a new one in March and that home will be complete in late May. Putting a deposit on the home by the time the foundation is built will allow us to make all the decisions about flooring, tile, paint, etc. And it will allow us to save the home until our lease is up in July. are the specs (in comparison to our other front runner, house #2 from January blog post)

+ 2500 sq. ft., quality schools, beautiful neighborhood, sidewalks, hardwood, nice size yard, closer to my job, comes with stainless steel appliances, extra storage space under stairs, mud room, upstairs play room, ability to be customized, $3,000 to hold the house, $5,000 in closing costs because we're educators

- smaller bedrooms, smaller porch, lack of defined eating area

We're meeting up with our real estate agent on Wednesday to go over and speak with the builder's purchasing agent.

I'll keep you posted on how it goes!

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Anonymous said...

I didn't even know you were blogging! I'm happy you guy's are enjoying Baton Rouge so much, I've always wanted to go there:)

The houses you are looking at look great, you have the same criteria as me when it comes to buying a forever home, I can't wait to have a bathroom off my master suite!!! Anyhow, keep us posted on OS as things progress. I wanted to add I LOVE your 35 before 35 list, I will be backpacking Europe before 35 with my brother, we have a date set (3 years) but I need to start saving! Also #27 is something I've always strived for, but it seems anger or pride seems to get in the way, if you find a way to master it let me know!!

Andrea / Mitchellar31