Sunday, August 10, 2008

Labor and Delivery- 34 weeks 5 days

Yesterday was pretty rough. I woke up feeling strange and as the day went on I didn't feel any better. I had contractions all day long, although they were sporadic and not too uncomfortable. At about 9:30pm, however, I decided that I needed to stop trying to ignore the train that was heading toward me and called the on-call doctor. She immediately told me to come in and started talking about the NICU and pre-mature babies. Needless to say she freaked me out! Anyway we packed all the bags in the car, just in case, and headed for the hospital where my parents picked up the boys.

I was quickly taken up to L&D triage and put on the monitors. Much to my surprise I was contracting every two minutes on the dot, and my blood pressure was high. It's never been high before. My doctor (I'm so glad he was there) came in and checked me. I was 2 cm and 50% effaced. The nurse took some blood to check for pre-eclamsia and I continued on the monitor. After about an hour my doctor checked me again and while I hadn't made any progress, I was still contracting every 2 minutes. They gave me an IV, some fluids, a sleeping pill and admitted me to a room.

This morning, though I was still contracting, they were more spaced out and my blood pressure was a lot better. My cervix still hadn't made any change so I was allowed to go home. I'm pretty much on modified bed rest and neither I, Damon, or my doctor think I will even make it to the 37 week induction date. My doctor said if I can make it another week or even two that would be ideal.

I'm just trying to make it to my next hair appointment. I'm looking pretty rough! Lol!

While I was at the hospital I enacted my new blog feature...Twitter. It allows me to update the blog through text message. It's super easy and I was planning on using it to update everyone after I went into labor, so last night was a good dress rehearsal. You can find the updates at the top of the blog in the left hand corner.

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Casselle said...

Very excited about the twitter update!! I can't believe you were admitted and then sent home- hopefully next time you are sent home empty handed.