Friday, August 8, 2008

Contractions!!!- 34 weeks 3 days

So I've been having contractions. A lot of contractions. I'm beginning to think that I may not even make it to the end of the month. Damon says that he thinks my body has reached its limit, and I'm beginning to think the same thing.

Because of these contractions I decided to get prepared and pack the hospital bag. Actually it's hospital bags as I have to pack for me, the baby, DJ and Cameron (Damon is grown so he's on his own). I stayed up til midnight last night folding clothes and packing bags. Even though there are still a few necessities I need to pick up today I feel much better knowing that if something pops off I am prepared (pops off? Sounds like I'm getting ready for a street fight, lol!).

There has also been a bit of drama these last few days about my possible induction date. It's amazing to me that people who #1-don't have a medical degree and #2-had absolutely no role in creating this baby think they get a say in when she would be born. The idea that I really care about when it is most convenient for anyone else other than Damon and I is hilarious!!!

Anywho I have another NST this morning, hoping she'll pass, but history isn't on my side.

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Lil Suga + Lil Man said...

Contraction! You must be racing with excitment- I know I am.