Saturday, August 23, 2008

Waking Evan

We have found that waking a preemie is much more difficult than waking a full-term baby. Yesterday Evan slept all day (again!) so we were forced to wake her to attempt to keep her schedule the same. It didn't work though, she was up all night completely alert and looking for conversation. She seems to be right back on track this morning, but here's what we had to go through yesterday just to get her to eat.


Baby's family said...

She's a sleeper huh! Hopefully it will get better cause that sleeping thing we are finding out is the key! She is still thinking she should be in my warm and cozy belly:)

Thyneice said...

I had Lanecia at 32 weeks and she slept all the time but every three hours she needed to be feed. So when it was time to feed her I just stuck the bottle in the mouth and she drank it in her sleep. I burped her changed her and layed her on her side. The whole time she was asleep. Trust when she gets closer to her due date she won't sleep like that anymore.