Monday, August 25, 2008

New Preschool

Today is Cameron's first day at the new pre-school. Last night he was so excited that he didn't want to go to sleep and this morning he popped right out of bed, washed and dressed and was ready to go. He didn't even ask for a chocolate pop tart before we left! I hope he does well.

Yesterday I drove over to Joann Fabrics, bought some tulle and made Evan her first tutu. It's too big and fluffy for my little one, but for my first try I thought it came out pretty well. She can always grow into it.


Lil Suga + Lil Man said...

She is so cute in her outfit and blue is a very nice color for how did Cam like his first day at his new place?

Maryam Diaab said...

Well, his day was actually better than I expected. He didn't want to eat breakfast or play outside (but Cameron isn't really a social butterfly anyway). He didn't kick, punch, or call anyone booty-head so I think it was an overall success. He'll adjust.

Baby's family said...

Way to go Cam! Keep us posted on the daycare! Evan is too cute in her tutu-can't wait till it fits!