Monday, October 6, 2008


Today was my first day of work and Evan's first day of daycare.

Although I was sad that I wouldn't get to spend the day with her and watch hour upon hour of mindless tv, but I was really excited to go back to work. My day went by so fast that I barely had time to do anything. Although I did call and check on Evan.

Evan had a great day at school, and Cameron was sure to tell his teachers how to take care of his sister. He told them, "You need to get my sister, she's crying." Lol!

Enough about the kids...I have a toothache and it's killing me. I go to the dentist tomorrow and don't want any bad news. I hope it's just a cavity.


casselle said...

Oh I am so sorry! I am sure she will have there!

Erica said...

Ugh! Tooth pain is the worst. I hope your trip to the dentist is quick, effective, and cheap.

Baby's family said...

I am sure she will love it but it sure is hard to leave those little ones!