Sunday, August 16, 2009

Evan's 1st Birthday!

Evan;s 1st birthday party was yesterday and we all had a great time! Evan held up pretty well, although she was exhausted the entire time! She's not officially 1 until tomorrow (Monday), but she doesn't know the difference.

Current Faves:

~Spending her time playing with her big brothers, DJ and Cameron
~Eating table food (she hates baby food and spits it out every time)
~Going outside
~Not drinking from a cup *tear*


~She can stand unassisted for about a minute before she plops down on her butt, but probably won't walk for at least another month.
~Evan can say, Daddy, DJ, Eat, Hi, and Up

~ Her 1 year check up isn't until Thursday, so I'll update then


casselle said...

She is just precious! Can't believe its been a year, what a great addition she has been to your family.

Baby's family said...

We had fun! Evan held up fabulously! What a cutie!

Kiyotoe said...

Your family is beautiful. I'm one of Dawn's co-workers, aka "Cool C" (she made up that name not me). lol.