Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The First Day of School and Monday Night Raw

The first day of school was a success! It was pretty hectic trying to get all four kids ready and out the door by 6:45am, but with planning and organization I managed to pull it off without a hitch.

All three kids were really excited to start the new year, and Cameron was the most excited. I was a bit nervous about how he was going to behave, but he got glowing reports from his Kinder teacher (DJ's old teacher) and the aftercare teachers who were used to the wild and free Cameron of last year.

DJ also received a great report, and Kayla was good overall, but has some things she needs to work on.

After school, I sat all three kids down in my room and we worked on homework and had computer time. Great Day!!!!

Last Monday DJ finally got to experience his 7th birthday present with a trip to WWE Monday Night Raw. Although I was initially a little skeptical about going but it really was a great time! I highly recommend it for a family outing!


casselle said...

Cam looks pretty tough in that last photo! I am glad the first days of school are going well for the students. It must be nice to have all of them in one place with you, saves time and energy. How was your first day?

Maryam Diaab said...

My first day was pretty good,. Same old, same old.