Sunday, December 27, 2009

Fantasy House Hunting

So, if you know me at all, you know that I HATE the house we're currently renting. While it does have its positives, the negatives totally outweigh them. Here's a list:

1) TEENY-TINY BEDROOMS- we have absolutely no space to put all the crap in our room. We can't upgrade our bedroom furniture because the room is the size of a freakin' closet!

2) USELESS SPACE-in other parts of the house. We don't need a dining room or a formal living room so why do we have one? We're laid back, eat at the island, chill in the family room type people. It would be REALLY nice if the extra square footage had been added on to the bedrooms.

3) HIDEOUS circa 1985 BURGUNDY CARPET- I know you've seen it either in person or in pics from the blog and you agree with me. Why someone would actually pay for this color carpet is beyond me. And it makes the rooms look that much smaller! Did I mention we have micro bedrooms?

4) SORBET PEACH WALLS-in the kitchen, dining room, hall way and on the CEILING!!! Stop complaining and paint them you say? No! I will not paint them, I refuse to do anything to this house because I HATE IT HERE!

This is why I am fantasy house hunting.

Here's my new house in my new city where I'm going to get my new job with my new office. Notice the lack of burgundy flooring! There are 4 bedrooms (the boys cannot go another year sharing a room, because I will have to kill one of them), a HUGE yard for the playhouse I am going to force Damon to build. Check out the super porch! Perfect for late southern summer nights drinking sweet tea and laughing at all the people back in Michigan wearing jackets.


sister said...

it isn't nice to laugh at people just b/c you are enjoying warmer weatherm (insert giggle, chuckle and loud laughter here).

tokyo-hot said...

Happy new year!!