Tuesday, January 5, 2010


The Shelf is a little inside joke I have with my work crew. It's a symbol of success. Have you ever been into someones office and they have a shelf with all their accomplishments and accolades mounted to the wall? Well, that's what I want, my own shelf in my own office. In an effort to cross out numbers 4 and 5 from by 35 before 35 list. I'm reading this:


The New Psychology of Success

This book was recommended to me by my principal because the president of our company loves it. It's all about understanding the mindsets of yourself and others so you can move up and accomplish your goals and fulfill your potential.

When I began my teaching career I never wanted THE SHELF. I never wanted to be anything more than a teacher, but when I was let go from my first full time teaching job something in me changed. In the first few month after that tragic event I thought that I was the WORLD's worst teacher and destined for failure. Then, as the new school year progressed, and I found my niche teaching reading, I realized that I wasn't the world's worst teacher, I had just been teaching at the world's worst school under the world's WORST principal! According to Carol Dweck, the author of Mindset, my mindset changed from fixed to growth.

As I began to have success in my position, I began to work harder, smarter, and better because THE SHELF came into view.

I'm nowhere close to being finished with the book (I think I have adult onset ADHD...either that or I'm completely addicted to TV), but I can see the benefit of understanding all the mindsets and how they affect your progress in life.

I'm also well on my way to crossing off list numbers 4 and 5. As I revealed a few blog posts back, I recently applied for a Dean Position at a school my company is opening in the south for the 2010-2011 school year. Deans are like mini assistant principals who observe teachers, evaluate them, and conduct weekly meetings. Being a Dean is what I REALLY want to do. Things are moving along slowly, but I did get a call about the job (this is progress because last year I applied for a Dean position at the new school we built just a couple of miles a way and NO ONE called)

By February I should know something, at least that's my hope, and maybe then I can make a trip to IKEA and cross #4 off THE LIST- get THE SHELF!

SIDEBAR- I've also updated the list with #30- Learn to let go

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Baby's family said...

Way to go! You can do it because you have goals. I might have to check that book out too!