Monday, February 15, 2010

Stuff I Love

CLICK HERE to check out the pics of the kids. They're gorgeous!
I HIGHLY recommend this photographer for those of you in the area)

I'm tried of all the hum-drum "woe is me" postings. I had a great week and have recently made some new fabulous discoveries that I want to share.

Now I've known about these products for a long time, but have never actually used any. I just couldn't see paying $18 for an 8oz. bottle of hair moisturizer...Well, that was before DJ decided to grow out his hair! While his hair is extremely curly, it is also EXTREMELY dry, and he's been walking around for the past couple of months looking like an orphan child and refusing a hair cut.

Since Damon and I are all about letting the kids be individuals and kind of do their own thing, we didn't cut his hair (too much0, but I did make it my personal quest to find the perfect product for his hair....Enter Carol's Daughter's Hair Milk.

This stuff is a miracle for curls in a bottle! It takes his dry, brittle hair and turns it into silky-soft perfectly defined curls. It smells like citrus and is all natural. Just wet the hair and run in though root to tip. I also tried it on Evan's hair and it removed all the frizz!

I'm also recommending the Carol's Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey. This is an all purpose hair moisturizer and works great as well. With Evan's hair I normally have to spray it with water every morning and add oil before styling, but with this stuff I just dipped her brush in water, add a tiny bit of Mimosa Hair Honey and turned out FABU!

The Dominican Blowout

My regular stylist was MIA so out of pure desperation I visited a Dominican Salon to get my hair washed, blown out and flat ironed. OMG!!!!! The result was THE BEST blow out and flat iron I've EVER had (can you tell my excitement from all the CAPS I'm using?) Even better than all that...letting my Latin Sistas into my head was only half the price of what I normally pay! Only $30.


I've been getting my brows threaded by the East Indian women for months now and I love it. As opposed to spending anywhere from $17 to $25 for waxing, I drop $10 every 3-4 weeks and get perfect brows in about 7 minutes. Yes, it hurts (HURTS) the first few times you go, but after awhile you get used to it, and remember, beauty is pain!

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Baby's family said...

Ok I've been wanting to try Carol's too but yes, pricey! Glad to hear it is worth it, we will have to check it out for sure now! Great pics too!