Monday, March 22, 2010


Have you guys watched this? It's gross...just gross. It'll make you change the way you eat. Now, since having viewed this documentary, Damon and I have decided to change the way we shop for groceries, how much we patronize fast food restaurants, and what we allow the kids to eat. Instead of regular old ground beef, we get organic...Instead of fruit snacks and fruit cups, we buy fresh fruit. We're still learning, and the boys are fighting us every inch of the way, but we are holding fast. Like right now, they are going to bed early because they are refusing to eat my delicious Hot and Spicy Tortilla Soup courtesy of Gina Neely.

And because of our new way of eating (and the fact that my mom got me a subscription to Family Circle) I've been cooking.

Here's my onion, spinach, and bacon tart. SOOOOOO good (although I skipped the onions for the kids). Even Cam cleaned his plate!

The picture below is of the uncooked tart. THe cooked version has cheese all over it and you can't really see anything.

Sidebar- Check out Evan in her Princess Cozy Coupe.

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casselle said...

Food is a big deal for a growing family, it takes time and dedication to make sure everyone eats healthy. Good for you.