Sunday, May 9, 2010

Goodbye Mitten, Hello Boot

Goodbye, Michigan! You guys have NO IDEA how long I've been waiting to say that! We're moving to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, at the end of June and couldn't be more nervous and excited at the same time. Jobs have been secured : (Damon will be teaching science at Central Middle School)

(I will be a Dean at Inspire Academy, the new school my company is opening in August)

The boys will be attending the primary school that funnels into Damon's school and we've sent down the application fee and deposit for our rental home.

This huge turn of events really makes a big dent in THE LIST.

35 before 35

1. own my own home (again)

2. spend my wedding anniversary on a beach

3. finish my masters degree

4. get THE SHELF

5. put THE SHELF in an office of my own

6. relocate to the South

7. decorate my living room

8. have a real dinner party

9. learn to French braid

10. make Thanksgiving dinner

11. finish that third novel

12. take my kids to Disney World

13. go out on New Years Eve

14. celebrate homecoming at TSU

15. “Would Ya Like it” in the rain

16. Have date night once a week

17. Visit Washington DC

18. have a picnic with wine and cheese

19. wear red lipstick

20. go Up North

21. grow a plant

22. make a cake for a loved one’s birthday

23. restore a piece of furniture

24. attend a Broadway play (does not have to be in NY, although that’s a bonus)

25. get rid of all unnecessary debt

26. eat healthier

27. answer the question, “What’s wrong?” honestly, the first time.

28. institute a new family tradition

29. take a cooking class

30. Find the perfect school for Cameron

31. Learn to let go

32. Invest in great pics of the kids




Numbers 4 and 5 will also be crossed off, but I'm waiting until July (or whenever the school is finished) for those. Number 3 will be complete in December, and we hope to cross off Number 1 after a year of living in BR.

We've been so busy lately with cleaning up, throwing away, posting on Craigslist, and trying to finish out the school year strong. We still can't decide if we want to move ourselves of if we should stick with the company we've hired, and we're planning a get together for family and friends to say goodbye.


casselle said...

Congrats on the dean position and on D's new job. I am sure you two will love the move down south. Enjoy!

Baby's family said...

So happy for you, although we will miss you!