Saturday, August 7, 2010

Honey Island and New Orleans

Sorry, for the looong time between posts. I've been so busy with work that the month between my birthday till now has just gotten away from me! I just got back from nearly two weeks in Grand Rapids for work and school starts Tuesday. No rest for the weary.

At the end of July DJ turned 8and we drove the hour to New Orleans to celebrate. Before we stopped at the Audubon Aquarium we hit Honey Island Swamp tours for a little trip down the bayou!

I am taking ANYONE who comes for a visit on a Swamp Tour! It was fabulous! We learned all about the bayou, saw alligators up close and personal, and heard about how Katrina affected the local swamps. Evan didn't care for the trip too much (she was terrified), but everyone else had a great time.

After that we headed into the city driving down Bourbon street and checking out the Superdome.

This summer was DJ and Cameron's first day camp experience. Surprisingly, Cameron had ZERO problems, but DJ was bullied a bit. Everything turned out fine, but it really drove home the point that DJ is growing up.

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