Saturday, August 21, 2010

Evan is 2!

This Tuesday, Evan turned 2 years old! To celebrate her birthday we had cupcakes, ice cream, balloons, and a feather boa! I'm actually loving not having to plan huge parties and spend all that money. I think small to-dos are going to be a new family tradition.

We also spent the weekend showing my parents around Baton Rouge and trying to convince them to move here. We had a great time stuffing our faces with Gumbo at Don's and Pecan and Caramel French Toast at Another Broken Egg (I'm clearly going to be 300lbs before it's all over). We also visited Laura Plantation. Laura is an authentic Creole Plantation. The tour guides are FAB and you get the real history, not the romanticized version of the antebellum south.

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