Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Just Like That-11 weeks

Just like that my doc shaved two days from my due date! Every little bit helps so I was estatic to find out that I was actually 11 weeks exactly and not 10 weeks, five days. Ultrasounds don't lie and yesterday I got my third. The first was given at about 5 weeks and the second at about 7 in the emergency room where they barely even let you see the screen. This time however, both Damon and DJ were there to see the new little addition waving and jumping all around. We saw legs, arms, hands, a massive head, and a super-strong heart beat.

I was also informed that I would have my Picc line for at least another three weeks which is just fine with me. We discussed where the baby would be delivered and there was some debate between Damon and I about that. We'll see who wins in the end, but I think a hospital tour may be in order.

After the appointment we all visited Babies R' Us and checked out strollers, car seats, swings, bassinets and bedding. I know this is my third time down this road but I have absolutely nothing. We gave all our baby gear away to friends and the less-forutnate so we're litterally starting from scratch. We saw lots of things that we like, but only one thing that we're absolutely sold on-The Sweet Peace Baby Soother . It's about a billion dollars and the best swing I've ever seen. I think baby gear has changed by leaps and bounds since Cameron arrived three years ago.


Anonymous said...

SO glad to be the first to comment on your blog. Well here you go again #3 better you then me lord knows who needs multiple and who needs one. Anyway I have a high chair tha's just sitting in my kitchen collecting dust, a wipe warmer, and some other stuff for babies. Send me your address again and I'll find a way to get it to you because I know evey little bit helps.

Maryam Diaab said...

Yay! I'll be sending you my address soon. I need all the help I can get.

AuntieDiaab said...

Well, I just guess that Auntie Dawnie and Uncle Frankie will just have to buy this "Soothing Baby Thing" for who we hope is our new niece!!!!!

Email me directly your new address please, and as always, Baby sister picks what she wants!!!!! Kiss the Angels!!!!

We Love you!!!!

Maryam Diaab said...

Yay! This blog is turning out to be better than I thought. Email with my address coming soon.

Sara said...

Congratulations, again!

The "torture" to which you refer will soon be replaced by the joys of your new little bundle, and the realization of the love and care you and Damon have bestowed upon your boys, as they become the big and bigger brothers - sharing that same warmth with their new, baby (sister?).

All my best for a healthy 8 1/4 months!

Maryam Diaab said...

Thanks for stopping by Sara. THe better I feel, the more excited I become about the new addition.

Both Damon and I are hoping for a girl, but we will be happy either way.

Rick Joseph said...


Congratulations and best of luck! I know how hard it is being sick during pregnancy (at least as much as a guy can know) because my wife was puking on a daily basis through both pregnancies. It was far worse with the second, though, and she was on meds the whole time. Everything worked out great, though.

I know you have it worse, and our thoughts and prayers are with you. Stay strong. I'm impressed that you have the energy to blog!

Rick J