Tuesday, March 11, 2008

THE ER-13 weeks

Well, yesterday I made my second trip to the Emergency Room because of arm numbness and chest pain. It seems that my PICC line had curled up and instead of putting the medicine I had been injecting every six hours into my veins it was putting it into my chest tissue and giving me a whole lot of pain. As a result, my PICC line is gone and I'm suffering more than ever. I can't work this week (who really knows when I'll return) because the nurse has to put in regular IV's here at home and my veins keep exploding. Fun, huh?

On another, happier note, I made my first and only new baby purchase a few days ago. A cute little undershirt, and as soon as I find the energy, I'll be adding to my Babies R' Us Wish List.


Lil Suga & Lil Man said...

So sorry to hear things are not great, bear in mind however that at the end of this 9 month journey you will have a lovely little (hopefully girl) baby! Then you can hang up your maternity clothes for good.

Baby's family said...

Take care of yourself! Let us know if you need anything.