Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I'm Bored- 30 weeks

It's official...I'm bored out of my mind! With the nursery being nearly complete and school out for the summer I have absolutely nothing to do. Now regularly, I would be content to simply sleep most of my days away, but it seems that I have a bit of insomnia. I can't nap and I can't make myself go to sleep for the night until about 1AM!

With all this new found time on my hands I have picked up a few new hobbies: #1- watching 3 straight hours of Law and Order reruns every night and #2-scrap booking (well it's not exactly a scrap "book", more like a scrap poster). This is my favorite new hobby and Micheal's is my favorite new store. So far I've made pics for the boys to hang up in their room, but I can see myself trying to capture every single little moment in scrap form. I can also see this getting pretty expensive.

I also went to get my 30 week ultrasound this morning and I'm happy to report that I'm still having a girl. According to the ultrasound tech, my placenta has moved up and the baby is measuring 3lbs. I hope she ends up being about the size Cameron was (6lbs. 15oz.) Anything bigger than that and I'll be in trouble.


Lil Suga & Lil Man said...

I love the scrap posters! Also very glad to hear you are still having a girl, its comforting to see if confirmed over and over.

Baby's family said...

The posters look great! Isn't it amazing how pricey it gets to be creative! We will get together soon because I am reaching the bored point as well, as projects wind down!