Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Zoo- 30 weeks 4 days

On Thursday Damon and I took the boys to the Detroit Zoo. We checked the weather report, made lunches, packed the cooler and were on our way. After the drive to the zoo and the walk from the parking lot to the entrance I knew that I was going to be in trouble. I popped a couple of Tylenol hoping that the pain in my legs, back, ankles, and knees would subside, but I was wrong. I did the best I could, hobbling around the zoo and sitting down every chance I got, but I felt bad for being a party pooper. The boys didn't get a chance to see everything they wanted to, although they told me they had fun anyway.

This week we also had a chance to begin putting the finishing touches on the baby's room. We purchased a lamp with shelves, the rocking chair cushion finally arrived, and I made a scrapbook book page to display on her dresser. I'm still waiting on the letters to display over her crib, and we need to buy a hamper. After that the only thing the room will need is the baby!


Lil Suga & Lil Man said...

Girl, walking around the zoo or any park really is tiring let alone pretty pregnant mom. So I love the room and I like the pic of the boys in matching outfits. I know I said it was cheesy before but I didn't have kids yet then. I love it and I can't wait to match my kids up.

Baby's family said...

Way to hang in there Mom! I know it must have been impossible to walk that much. Love the room-amazing how different pink can look huh?